In the fast-paced video game known as Supernova, you take control of a spacecraft that is in motion and must navigate around various obstacles along the route. Try to conquer all of the levels of play! This game has the same gameplay with the popular Slope Game. The objective is to get a high score while also moving as far as you possibly can. As you make your way through the colorful procedurally generated levels included in Supernova, your speed will grow. When it comes to avoiding collisions with objects, you may practice hundreds of times. Play and take it easy!


    • Fast-paced gameplay
    • Colorful 3D graphics
    • Many vehicles to unlock

    Tips and Tricks

    • You should make every effort to keep the train in the center of the road.
    • Maintain a focus on monitoring and responding quickly to any impediments that may arise

    How To Play

    • Use WASD/arrow keys to change the ship's direction to avoid colliding with obstacles
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