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    Tunnel Rush

    Tunnel Rush

    Go on thrilling adventures through a colorful, swirling kaleidoscope in Tunnel Rush, the ultimate 3D running game! Based on the wildly popular game titled Rage Quit Racer, this game has simple but stimulating gameplay! You have to overcome all the challenges of Tunnel Rush. Try to move as far as possible along an ever-changing tunnel at breakneck speed with constantly oncoming hazards and obstacles! Break down barriers with your dexterity and a keyboard! In this game, the tunnel will continuously roll forward, and there will be unknown obstacles appearing in front of you. You need to control yourself to go through the tunnel safely by avoiding the shapes. Be very cautious in your decisions! Because, regardless of how far you have passed in a level, once you crash, you'll have to restart at the beginning of that level!

    Tunnel Rush will bring you an epic experience with an extremely beautiful graphic design and top-notch sound. You will slide and roll along the bright and attractively colored maze. Sometimes it will be monochromatic and rather boring, and other times it will dazzle you with the mesmerizing multicolored spectacle of all the shades of the rainbow. Despite its alluring beauty, Tunnel Rush is fraught with many dangers. Besides, 2-player mode allows you to challenge your friends to join a race where only the last survivor is the winner. Now let's take on the challenge! Want to test your reaction speed? Play Tunnel Rush for free online now and show off your skills. How far can you go? Can you handle the pace?


    • Simple yet highly addictive gameplay!
    • Players only need one button to play the game!
    • A series of tricky obstacles to avoid, including both moving and stationary ones!
    • Challenge your skills by yourself or invite a friend over and see who will be the last one to be on track!
    • What is your highest score so far?

    Tunnel Rush: The Inspiration Behind This Amazing Game

    If you find the gameplay of Slope Tunnel to be quite familiar, chances are that you have come across Tunnel Rush! Both games offer the same adrenaline rush as players try to avoid all sorts of obstacles in order to progress as far as they can, contributing to their addictiveness. As in the original game, Tunnel Rush sets a level of difficulty that is not overly challenging or too easy, which isn’t thrilling at all. With this, the game can keep you hooked the first time you try it!

    Just like Slope Tunnel, Tunnel Rush features the same exciting gameplay. In addition, the latter adds a pop of color once you have progressed far enough inside the tunnel. The whole trip feels like venturing inside a kaleidoscope, changing from one color to the next, mesmerizing the players. The core gameplay of both games lies in your ability to dodge the obstacles in order to progress as far as possible, and the movement speed increases the longer you are on track! Don’t hesitate to give both games a try if you want to experience thrills like never before!

    How To Play

    The objective of Tunnel Rush is simple; all you need to do is move around and avoid the red obstacles, which can either stand still or rotate constantly. Hence, to become a good player, you will need to have fast reflexes and good hand-eye coordination. Once players have traveled far enough, the insides of the tunnel will change into different patterns. The game session ends if you crash into any obstacles, and the final scores will be shown.

    Below are the controls for the game:

    • Move left and right with the arrow keys or the A and D keys.
    • Pause or restart the game with the spacebar.

    Game Modes

    Classic Mode

    In this mode, players will explore many levels, from easy to difficult. Higher levels will contain more obstacles and hazards.

    2-Players Mode

    The 2-player mode allows you and your friends to participate in an unlimited number of races. The person who survives the longest in the tunnel becomes the winner.

    Tips and Tricks

    • Take your time to get used to the controls of the game: While the controls of the game may be relatively simple, they can be quite unfamiliar to first-time players. As such, you shouldn’t aim to get the best score possible in the first playthroughs—instead, you can take your time trying to move around and get used to the overall controls of the game! Once you are familiar enough with the game, it’s time to strive for the new high scores!
    • Pay close attention to upcoming obstacles: There are tons of obstacles to be avoided in Tunnel Rush, and as players progress, it will become harder and harder to dodge them. As such, you will have to look as far as possible to determine the type and shape of the obstacles and act accordingly. Once you have played long enough, you will be able to predict whether your movement will avoid the obstacles in time!
    • Practice makes perfect: It is not an easy task to progress far in Tunnel Rush, but players will get to feel the satisfaction once they manage to get past tricky obstacles! Don’t worry if you can’t get a good final score, since you get better at playing the game the more you play!
    • Take a short break from time to time: At first, the game can be quite addictive and enjoyable, but as players keep on failing to get high scores, it can become quite frustrating to them. Once you become annoyed by the lack of progression, it is best that you take a break from the game and do something else for a while. After all, it is unlikely that you will set a new score if your concentration is affected by negative feelings!

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