Run Ninja Run
    Run Ninja Run
    Run Ninja Run
    Run Ninja Run

    Run Ninja Run

    In Run Ninja Run, you control a ninja character with the goal to eliminate all of the foes that you encounter along the route and complete the level. The well-known video game Flood Runner served as the inspiration for this dramatic battle action game. The objective of this game is straightforward: you must jump, slide, and attack at the appropriate times. It is imperative that you run as quickly as you can while avoiding obstacles and engaging in combat with adversaries. Additionally, make sure you don't forget to gather gold so that you can get additional improvements for your ninja.


    • 2D graphics
    • Thrilling gameplay
    • Intuitive controls

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    How To Play

    • You can get away from your foes by using the arrow keys to leap, slide over barriers, and slide under obstacles.
    • You may kick your opponent by hitting the spacebar.
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