Traffic Rider
    Traffic Rider
    Traffic Rider
    Traffic Rider

    Traffic Rider

    With its first-person viewpoint and realistic motorcycle racing mechanics, Traffic Rider lets you put your driving talents to the test like a pro. It's time to get in the vehicle, fire up the engine, and begin the race! Players of Traffic Rider take the reins of motorcycles as they navigate congested streets in an effort to reach their goal within the allocated time limit. To prevent penalties and delays, players must obey all posted traffic laws, including those pertaining to stop signs, yield signs, and traffic lights. Players may utilize the money they earn from completing tasks and races to purchase new vehicles or improve the ones they already have.


    • In-person gameplay.
    • The simulator's garage has a total of 28 bikes of various types (sports, BMX, clutch, scooter, etc.).
    • Effects like the revving of a motorcycle's engine were captured from the actual deal.
    • The visuals are photorealistic and painstakingly detailed.
    • Modality: 24-hour cycle
    • The video game is localized into many languages.

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    How To Play

    • Use the mouse/ arrow keys to play
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