The Smurfs Skate Rush
    The Smurfs Skate Rush
    The Smurfs Skate Rush
    The Smurfs Skate Rush

    The Smurfs Skate Rush

    Let's get ready to play The Smurfs Skate Rush, which will put you in an infinite race to avoid opponents while providing hours of fun and relaxation. Here you are in the Smurf hamlet. Gargamel is your main adversary; you must be swift enough to evade him until he is no longer a threat. Put on your skates and skate your way over the treacherous, lengthy trail. Avoid automobiles, rocks, and logs while picking fruit. Use your skateboard to get from one lane to another in Smurf Skate Rush. Steer clear of objects like tree trunks. In this 3D Smurfs game, you may open gates, hop on vehicles and tracks to get crushed, and do all sorts of stunts. Find the enchanted doorway and go to the next level as quickly as possible without being distracted. Have fun playing!


    • 3D graphics
    • Adorable characters
    • Challenging levels
    • Intuitive controls

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    How To Play

    • Use WASD or arrow keys to control your main character
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