Spooky Forest Run
    Spooky Forest Run
    Spooky Forest Run
    Spooky Forest Run

    Spooky Forest Run

    Are you prepared to start on a hard journey in which you will pursue terrifying skeletons? If so, then you are ready to go! Take part in the Spooky Forest Run! The objective of this game is to escape the grasp of the skeleton by making a hasty ascent through a labyrinth that is filled with leaves. In order to overcome barriers and avoid encountering unusual members of the forest, you may either click or touch the screen. You may get an additional edge in the running game by double tapping, which will cause you to do a double leap. Be cautious not to let the skeleton come after you. Make it clear that you are capable of overcoming death!


    • Vivid graphics
    • Intuitive controls
    • Unexpected challenges
    • Survival missions

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    How To Play

    • Click or tap the screen to overcome obstacles and dodge the strange inhabitants of the forest.
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