Santa Girl Dash
    Santa Girl Dash
    Santa Girl Dash
    Santa Girl Dash

    Santa Girl Dash

    Santa Girl Dash is an endless running game in which your objective is to follow Santa's daughter as she travels over the North Pole in order to gather all of the presents that have been dispersed there. The task, on the other hand, is not a simple one. On your journey, you will face a great number of adversaries and challenges. Take care to keep an eye on your surroundings and respond promptly in order to avoid colliding with them. Make sure you don't forget to gather money so that you may purchase power-ups like magnets that bring presents to you or shields that defend you from foes. Let’s get started right now and triumph over all of the obstacles!


    • Endless running gameplay
    • Christmas festival theme
    • Challenging levels
    • Easy to control
    • Happy festival sounds

    How To Play


    • Use W/ up arrow key to jump
    • Use S/ down arrow key to slide

    Mobile devices

    • Tilt your device to move Santa Girl left and right
    • Tap the screen to jump
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