Octopus legs
    Octopus legs
    Octopus legs
    Octopus legs

    Octopus legs

    In Octopus Legs, your goal is to help your octopus finish the race by helping it collect all the scattered legs along the route. When you're ready, press the "Start" button on the game's screen to begin! Your octopus, which is unable to move its legs, will automatically travel ahead in order to collect them. However, it is unable to move to the left or right. I am in need of your assistance. Make sure that he is able to catch as many legs as possible by simply moving your mouse left or right in the proper direction. Aside from that, you also need to keep a close eye on the obstacles in front of you, as they are attempting to remove all of the octopus legs once again. Until your octopus reaches the finish line, you need to move and respond swiftly in order to keep as many of its legs as possible together.

    If your octopus has a certain number of legs, he will be able to advance to a higher scoring level when he has crossed the finish line. Your chances of obtaining diamonds will increase as your score levels rise, as you will have more chances to open more gift boxes. You can use the diamonds that you collect to purchase different skins for your octopus. Enjoy your relaxing time on your adventures playing with Octopus legs!


    • Addictive gameplay
    • Intuitive control
    • Variety of new skins
    • Entertaining levels

    How To Play

    • Use your mouse or touch the main screen to move your octopus

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