Level Devil
    Level Devil
    Level Devil
    Level Devil

    Level Devil

    It's time to join Level Devil! You will be a part of a whole new and exciting experience while you are attempting to go to the exit gate in each level. Do you agree that it is easy to understand? However, I recommend that you avoid being subjective. During the time that you are attempting to make a hasty approach to the gates, you will encounter obstacles that will prevent you from achieving your goal. It is possible for holes to develop out of nowhere, spikes to move in an unexpected manner, and ceilings to collapse on you as you travel through the different stages. As you go through the game and reach later stages, the difficulties will get more challenging, necessitating that you have the ability to observe and react quickly. Always keep in mind that if you make even one mistake, the game is finished!!


    • Combining classic platformers with a unique twist
    • Train concentration and quick reflexes.
    • More than 50 levels with increasing difficulty
    • Attractive with vibrant graphics

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    How To Play

    • Use WASD to control your main character
    • Use spacebar to jump