Endless fish fun
    Endless fish fun
    Endless fish fun
    Endless fish fun

    Endless fish fun

    Endless Fish Fun is a thrilling endless running game in which the objective is to control the course of the fish to avoid collisions with obstacles.  This game features gameplay that is incredibly simple, yet it is challenging to master. It is sufficient to use the mouse to move in order to exercise control over your fish. Use your mouse to click on it to prevent the fish from colliding with the top and lower coral walls. Also, make sure you avoid colliding with any approaching sea urchins. They have the potential to damage you and force you to perform a game restart. As you make progress, the challenges you face will become more challenging. Keep a watchful eye on your surroundings and be vigilant at all times if you want to live for as long as feasible. Explore all the mysteries in the ocean!


    • Colorful graphics with the ocean theme
    • Simple controls by clicking the mouse
    • Challenging gameplay

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    How To Play

    • Click the mouse to control the fish
    • Avoid obstacles
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