City Bus Driver
    City Bus Driver
    City Bus Driver
    City Bus Driver

    City Bus Driver

    Are you ready to become a CITY BUS DRIVER? Now is the time to don your uniform, start the motor, and go on your professional journey. 

    You'll have the chance to experience life as a public bus driver in a major metropolis. You may obtain incentives for taking the bus to different locations. These bonuses may be cashed in for cash or used in the car to set things up the way you want them to. Video games in which you operate a bus simulate the experience of driving one. The bus simulator's ultimate feature gives you the most authentic driving experience possible, and there are a variety of bus mods to choose from.

    It's not easy being a bus driver, particularly in the city. Go ahead and do what has to be done. Make sure you pick up and send off visitors on schedule. Experience the challenges of public transportation driving in this fun and realistic simulation with City Bus Driver. Accomplishments and flawless driving will get you points. Punctuality in picking up and dropping off visitors is rewarded. If you want to see your name at the top of the scoreboard, you'll need to complete all the stages with the greatest possible score. 

    Please take the seats that have been made available. Thank you. How familiar is it to you? Make an effort to act like a professional bus driver. 

    Characteristics of the game

    • There are three distinct categories of bus
    • 10 levels
    • To Accompany GPS Devices

    How To Play

    Use your mouse or arrow keys to drive the bus

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