Liquid Tuxedo Liquid Tuxedo Liquid Tuxedo
    5 Liquid Tuxedo Liquid Tuxedo

    To construct your water bridge, you will need to gather blue waters that are dispersed around the globe. Get ready to join Liquid Tuxedo arena. Despite the fact that the mission seems straightforward, the difficulty of the task will be significantly increased when you are required to compete against other adversaries that have the same objectives as you. In order to win the match, they are attempting to gather fluids as quickly as possible. The competition is really tough, and every little drop is important. What are you waiting for? Get started right now and see if you can get your hands on the winning ticket.


    • Simple but addictive to control
    • Vivid sound effects
    • Unlock special features
    • Multiplayer gameplay

    How To Play

    • Use the mouse/ tap on the screen to play Liquid Tuxedo
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