SQID SKIBIDI is an enjoyable and challenging game inspired by the well-known Squid Game movie and Skibidi game. Grant your character the ability to endure! If you're familiar with the film Squid Game, you may recognize this as a play on the original game, Red Light, Green Light. If you look closely, you'll find that your character wears overalls that set him apart from the other players on the vast field that you'll be able to view on your screen. Side by side, you can see the Skibidi restroom and the military. An animated lantern that changes colors at regular intervals may be seen at the top. When the green light goes on, the monster in the toilet will turn its back on you; this is your cue to begin racing in the other direction. To go over the maximum distance, you must follow the indications. Wait until the color turns red before you can move. Skibidi will now turn around and begin shooting everybody who has not yet stopped. Please keep an eye on the time as well. Hurry up and cross the finish line before the clock runs out. Best of luck!


    • Addictive gaming experience
    • Test the player's reflexes
    • Simple mechanism
    • Accessible but challenging
    • Competitiveness and strategy.

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    How To Play

    • Use the mouse to control your character
    • Run when the light turns green
    • Stand still when the light turns red
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