Squid Gun Fest
    Squid Gun Fest
    Squid Gun Fest
    Squid Gun Fest

    Squid Gun Fest

    Squid Gun Fest is an enjoyable and demanding running game that takes its inspiration from the Squid Game and its furious gun fights. In the end, the objective is to destroy the automobile that the thieves are using and to safeguard the stolen goods. However, as killer dolls might sometimes emerge with other barriers that prevent you from progressing, it is not as simple as it may seem. You should make an effort to improve your weaponry by completing calculations and eliminating the Squid Game workers that you come across and murder. If you are able to smash the robber's automobile before you reach the finish line, you will be able to collect the money. Unlock higher-level weaponry with the money you've earned, and you'll have access to unlimited levels of action-packed gameplay. Discover all of the difficult levels and the six various weapons that are available. Have some fun!


    • Challenging obstacles
    • Six different varieties of weapons
    • Squid Game theme
    • Intuitive controls

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    How To Play

    • Use the mouse/ WASD/ arrow keys to move
    • Use spacebar to shoot
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