Square dash
    Square dash
    Square dash
    Square dash

    Square dash

    Square Dash is an exciting and fast-paced game where the goal is to get to the top as quickly as possible while avoiding hazards. You may improve your focus and reflexes with this game's easy-to-learn but engrossing action. A single misstep in timing may result in the game's termination. Intense action abounds at every level, testing your focus and timing skills to the limit. As you go through the stages, the challenge rises and the obstacles get more intricate. Keep moving forward as much as possible, as halting makes dodging obstructions more of a challenge. Aim for the championship by securing the last win. I hope you enjoy yourselves!


    • Simple control gameplay
    • Challenging obstacles
    • Retro-style graphics

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    How To Play

    • The goal is to complete each stage without crashing.
    • Use the arrow keys or the mouse to move
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