Football Master
    Football Master
    Football Master
    Football Master

    Football Master

    Your shooting talents will be put to the test in the newest sports game, which is called Football Master. Are you prepared to take on the challenge? In Football Master, you take charge of a team that consists of either one or two players, and you may compete in tournament mode to earn trophies or play short games. To become the champion, one must first go through the rounds and then win the championship. You have a choice between two different players, each of whom has their own set of unique skills. Would you want to kick a ball with a lot of force? Choose your favorite thunder. Do you wish to get incredibly quickly behind the ball? You can teleport there. Use the power to teleport to another location. The game has a competitive multiplayer option that allows you and your friends to compete against one another. By playing Football Master, you may get yourself ready for the matches in the 2022 World Cup! Are you capable of winning the tournament?

    How To Play

    Player 1

    • Move - WASD 
    • Shoot - X 
    • Special move - Z 

    Player 2

    • Move - arrow keys
    • Shoot - L
    • Special move K
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