BattleDudes is one of the most popular 2D multiplayer .io games. Enter the arena and show your adversaries who their true ruler is!

    Fight other players with various destructive weapons, like firearms, tanks, and more. In this shooting game, there are several maps and different game styles. You may have to take out each opponent's minion one at a time while simultaneously taking all of the map points or flags. More than twenty distinct kinds of weapons are at your disposal for the purpose of eliminating any challengers. You will have access to a wide selection of weaponry with each load, and you will be able to quickly swap between these weapons by pressing the appropriate number key. You can travel across the area fast with handguns, jeeps, or tanks. There are also other vehicles, such as tanks and jeeps, that you can utilize. Tanks are capable of doing the greatest damage due to their strong missiles and thick armor; yet, this tank only has one seat. There is space for one additional person in the vehicle, where passengers may jump inside and shoot adversaries via the window. You have a limited amount of time to accomplish the mission and emerge victorious. To the left of your health bar is where you'll see the timer, as well as your own and the other team's scores. Are you prepared to demonstrate that you are not an easy victim to take? It's time to start the game!

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    How To Play

    • Movement: WADS
    • Aim and shoot: left mouse
    • Enter car: E
    • Reload weapon: R
    • Change weapon: 1234
    • Change key binding in setting
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