Minecraft is a fascinating survival and adventure game. Get your imagination going by creating something entirely new out of preexisting blocks. Your goal in the game is to walk to and gather the appropriate building components, then place them sensibly to create the desired structure. Using implements and weapons, cubes can be assembled into formidable structures.

    Mode of Play


    • Possibility to choose three difficulty settings (Peaceful - Easy - Hard)
    • You'll have to start with nothing, just like Robinson Crusoe, and either play out the plot or try to survive. The criteria of hunger, illness, poisoning, etc. bring the game closer to the realities of actual survival for the player. In this mode, you are responsible for finding everything; components are put together using a certain formula or recipe; therefore, be cautious not to assemble the incorrect ingredients.
    • To win, you'll need to be on your toes and avoid getting killed by the game's many monsters, such as zombies, skeletons, and others.


    • In the Creative mode, players can do anything they want, such as play 1000 TNT or construct buildings using Wonders of the World.


    • Players must put forth their greatest effort in this mode, as they will "lose everything" upon death, including their possessions, homes, and experience.

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    How To Play

    • On PC: Use the mouse/ WASD keys and spacebar to play
    • On mobile devices: touch on the screen
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