Funny Shooter 2
    Funny Shooter 2
    Funny Shooter 2
    Funny Shooter 2

    Funny Shooter 2

    Funny Shooter 2 is a thrilling 3D warfare simulation game. Defeat a fun and large army. Let's wipe out the whole lot right now!!!

    You will battle monstrous foes in Funny Shooter 2 that are armed with enormous axes and pans. Due to the fact that you must battle by yourself against foes, it is not an easy job. In this battle against a number of adversarial forces attempting to prevent your advancement to the next level, you won't have any friends. You may improve the tools and abilities of your character by using the gold coins you acquire as you go through the game's stages. You must go forward and maintain a safe distance from any nearby foes if you want to avoid being hurt. Additionally, the shop is a location where you can add different modifications to your weapon, like silencers, optical sights, and more. In Funny Shooter 2, destroying adversaries and earning game points are the rewards for precise shooting. An adversary you kill could drop a helpful item. You deserve to be commended for your efforts. Your hero will find great use for these things in upcoming conflicts. Avoid utilizing weapons like grenades, pitchforks, axes, chainsaws, and batons; doing so will cause you to lose all of your accomplishments.


    • Regular rodsmiths, cleaners, giants, and other realistically unusual bartenders may be your opponents.
    • advancing game
    • There are upgrades, achievements, and a store with more lethal weapons to buy as you finish the game.
    • Visit the shop to buy brand-new weapons as well as a range of accessories and modifications.

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    How To Play

    • Click with the left mouse button to shoot, the right mouse button to aim, and the mouse wheel to switch weapons.
    • To move, use the arrow keys or WASD.
    • To change ammo, press the R key; to pause, press the Tab key.
    • To throw grenades, press the G key; to run, press the shift key.
    • Number keys from 1 to 7 to choose weapons.
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